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Learning to Drive Extra Info - Teach Your Child to Drive

This section contains extra information that is useful when learning to drive, and is also used in the practical driving test.

Certain aspects of driving are difficult to cover during the limited time of a driving lesson, for example, Eco Driving is general advice that covers different areas of driving.

For those that are trying to learn the reversing manoeuvres without the expertise of a Qualified Driving Instructor, you will find techniques for the parking manoeuvres. Many full licence holders that struggle with reversing manoeuvres, will also find this section useful.

Finally, the section of the practical driving test where candidates are asked questions about certain controls and basic maintenance is covered here - known as the 'Show Me Tell Me Questions'.

Learning to Drive Extra InfoExtra Info subjects:

Show Me / Tell Me questionsEco DrivingTurning Around
Parallel Park TechniqueBay Park Reverse TechniqueBay Park Forwards Technique
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