Beginner Section

Beginner Lessons - Teach Your Child to Drive

Covers the subjects that learners with no driving experience need to know - these subjects are the foundation of learning to drive, so it's crucial that the learner understands and practises them until they are second nature.

It is during the beginner stage that the experience of a Qualified Driving Instructor will help private driving lessons the most. At this time a beginner has to learn a lot of new skills and often makes mistakes. A Qualified Driving Instructor is trained to deal with this - and also has dual controls fitted to their driving school car to prevent accidents.

As your child begins to pick up and remember the different skills, you will be able to begin using the book to help enhance their knowledge.

Beginner Driving LessonsBeginner subjects:

Cockpit DrillFoot ControlsHand Controls
Using the MirrorsMoving OffPulling Over
SignallingSafe ClearancesAwareness, Anticipation & Planning
Meeting other Traffic / Obstructions
Teach Your Child to Drive - Parents, learn how to give Driving Lessons like a Driving Instructor