On the Road Section

On the Road Lessons - Teach Your Child to Drive

This section is all about more advanced driving situations, often ones that drivers only experience as they gain more driving hours behind the wheel.

The beauty of private practise is that the learner will experience more scenarios on the road than a pupil that is only taking driving lessons with a qualified instructor. The best of both worlds is the perfect answer - qualifed instructor lessons along with private practise with parents.

The increased hours behind the wheel through private practise make it a lot more likely that your child will find the practical driving test easier - many test candidates fail because of something that happens during the driving test that they don't have enough experience of.

On the Road Driving LessonsOn the Road subjects:

Making ProgressZebra Pedestrian CrossingsDual Carriageways - Slip Roads
PositioningTraffic Light Controlled CrossingsDual Carriageways - Side Roads, turning right
Safe SpeedsEmergency StopDual Carriageways - Side Roads, turning left
Satnav / independent Driving
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