How to use the Teach Your Learner Book

The book has been written and designed to help parents, uncles, aunties, friends etc. teach sons, daughters, nephews, nieces etc. how to drive safely - using the standards set by the DVSA (Driving and Vehicles Standards Agency). The DVSA are the government department that sets the theory test and practical driving test.

We have used the information from official DVSA publications, as well as our experience (since 1996) as qualified driving instructors and instructor trainers, in which time we've been successfully teaching learners to pass the driving test, and trainee instructors to become fully qualifed instructors.

Unique Teacher (parent) and Learner (son / daughter) Pages

Teach Your Child to Drive Guide - for parents who want to give safe and clear driving lessons

The main teaching sections of the book have been split into teacher and learner pages. This is based on the concept of the teaching aids used by driving instructors. Qualified instructors use teaching aids to help pupils visualise, learn and remember key aspects of learning to drive.

Their books have simplified visuals and information for the pupil on the right page, and more in-depth information for the driving instructor on the left page.

Using our experience as Qualifed Driving Instructors and Driving Instructor Trainers, we have taken the information required to get a learner to test standard, and created a condensed, simplified book, which covers all the topics, but makes subjects accessible and clear for parents teaching their children to drive with private driving lessons.

Teacher Page (for the Parent)

Teach Your Child to Drive - Parent Teacher Page

The teacher pages are laid out in an easy to understand format. The information has been condensed, but is more in-depth than the learner page in order for the teacher to be able to give more details about the subject, or answer questions that the learner may have.

The teacher pages are also structured to ensure any private practise coincides with a Qualified Driving Instructor's lessons.

Learner Level: explains the level of experience the learner should have in order to tackle the lesson subject safely.

Key Lesson Points: detailed but condensed information for the teacher to help explain key lesson points to the learner.

Trade Secret: techniques used within the driving instructor industry to make learning easier for pupils.

Teacher Responsibilites: important information about the teacher's role during private practise for each subject.

Learner Page (for your Son / Daughter)

Teach Your Child to Drive - Child Learner Page

The learner pages contain simplified information that's quicker and easier to take in. This is because learners can be confused by long and over complicated explanations of a subject.

Each learner page contains:

Lesson Summary: gives a short overview of the purpose of the lesson subjects being taught.

What's Required: gives the learner a quick reference list of the goals for each lesson, and helps them learn what's required.

Common Faults: gives the learner quick reference list of common mistakes that need to be avoided.

Test Tip: information on what to expect in the practical driving test in relation to the subject being taught.

Graphics / Visuals: gives a clear visual representation of the lesson subjects, including key points to help the learner visualise and learn what's required.

Reference Book

Teach Your Child to Drive - roundabouts info pages

Teach Your Child to Drive works best as a reference book - that is, it's not a good idea to try and read the entire book in one go!

It's much better to refer to the subject you are learning at the time, for example, if your child's Qualified Driving Instructor has given a lesson on roundabouts, go to the roundabouts section of the book for the private driving lesson practise, in order to consolidate and improve their knowledge.

The general info pages at the start of each teaching section also give key information used across all subjects in that section. This means both parent and child should read it before going to the specific lesson page.

Use at Home and In-Car

Teach Your Child to Drive - learn at home

At Home

Both child and parent will find it useful to read the general information pages, and lesson subject page before going out in the car.

This prepares you for the lesson, and means you are setting off with a plan. For example, you'll be able to work out the best roads to travel to in your area in order to practise specific subjects.


You can refer to the book when parked at the side of the road, using the teacher and learner pages.

You can work together to help the learner understand the subject; enhance previous knowledge; focus on what the lesson goals are, and how to carry out the practise in a structured way.

In-car, remember:

  • When parked: you may both refer to the book
  • When the learner is driving: the teacher must be watching the road and the learner

Use the book alongside qualified instructor lessons

We strongly recommend that you use the services and advice of a licenced Driving Instructor before and during the learning process.

Driving Instructors will be happy to advise you when to start practising privately. They will also be able to advise you which subjects to practise in order to coincide with their lesson program.

Teach Your Child to Drive - Parents, learn how to give Driving Lessons like a Driving Instructor